Art Deco Hairstyles

 Art Deco Hairstyles 

     It was during the 1920s when art deco design has ever started. During the 1920s or the art deco years, there were big changes in how women were treated in the society, how they dress, women were already allowed to work, women were also allowed to engage in various sports, and even changes in how women wear their hair. It was during the 1920s were women already started to feel a sense of independence and women were even starting to become rebellious. During the 1920s, long hairstyles were replaced with stylish short hairstyles, which made women during that time look classy and elegant.

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The Bob Haircut

     Even up to the present times, the bob haircut or hairstyle is still being loved by a lot of women all over the world. The bob haircut during the 1920s was considered to be a rebellious type of haircut compared to other hairstyles during the 1920s and it was also a very controversial short hairstyle, since before the rise of popularity of the bob haircut, most women wear their hair long. The bob haircut during the 1920s was popularized by Irene Castle, a very famous ballroom dancer.

The Shingle Bob Haircut

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This type of haircut is a variation of the original bob haircut. The shingle bob haircut is shorter than the original bob and was also given the name “boyish bob”. In a shingle bob haircut, the back portion of the hair is cut very short to make the shape of the neck visible. The shingle bob haircut looked like a shape of the letter “V”. There were many people who complained about the shingle bob haircut, since it made women indifferent with men from the back. There were women who got a shingle bob complained about getting a headache termed “the shingle headache”, which was caused by an increased exposure of the nape.

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Marcel Waves Hairstyle

     The marcel waves hairstyle is usually used to add volume, texture, and overall extra style to the bob haircut and the shingle bob haircut. Francois Marcel was the person who found or designed the marcel waves in France during the 19th century. It was during the early 20th century, specifically during the 1920s, wherein the marcel waves became really popular. The rise of popularity of the marcel waves during the 1920s happened when electric wave irons were also designed and made to help in temperature regulation.



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